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This site is dedicated to those who are interested in character building and would like to return for inspiration or to share with others their character building experiences. Or simply share your stories, which can inspire others in similar situations. If you are interested, please contact us.

Concerning the languages: This website was created in English, yet we strive to make it available in other languages as well. You may click on a flag above to read the materials in that language. Please note: If you encounter English text, that is because those pages have not yet been translated. If you’d like to serve God by translating the materials into additional languages, you’re very welcome. We are looking for volunteers to translate our character building seminar into another language, especially Chinese and German. Please contact us if you would like to help.

  • If you would like to assist with this project–even of just a few pages–it would be greatly appreciated.
  • If you wish you may use the Google translator on our home page to translate the whole web – obviously this is not an exact translation, but it gives you the basic idea.
  • Pages where there is some text have a local Google translator just for that page – you will recognize it by the double flag at the top of such pages.
  • The English site also has some seminars in some other languages.
  • Please give a a link to this site when quoting materials from it.

At the moment we are gradually adding more pages and seminars. For this reason we apologize that some pages are not finished yet. THANKS A LOT. 😉 NEW: “BECOME A TRANSLATOR” Project your volunteers What can you find here? The main seminar we want to bring to your attention is called “From Glory to Glory,” which has 40 lessons and it is an in-depth study about crucial principles of our character development. There are other seminars as well. Please visit our video or audio section. Besides you can find a FORUM where you can share with others your own stories or experiences with your own character development. We are preparing for you AN ONLINE CHARACTER BUILDING TRAINING where you can gradually step-by-step progress in your own personalized training. If you wish to help us in its development, please contact us via CONTACTS. By the way if you register at the bottom of our home page, you can go to STREAMING AUDIO and download any of the seminars for free. Sample of recommended seminar: “By One Man’s Disobedience” L03

A Healing Touch or “From Touch to Touch”

How much evil and hatred in this world, broken homes and children raised on the street… And why?

Because we all are born so selfish – in the very core of our being. Who can help us out of it?!

Only the love of Christ personally experienced and personally shared. Would you like to study with us how to become Christ-like and build your own character to resemble His? If yes, please click on the picture.