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ABC of LOVE – The Gospel in Aleph-Beith – Printed Book

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Amazing discovery about the original meaning of each letter from the ancient alphabet.

72 pages, published in 2017.



Did you know that when Moses, David or Isaiah were writing their original scrolls, each letter was an icon-representation of a real thing? When you put these icons or picture-letters in their original order you will discover “The Gospel in Aleph-Beith.” Let us call it “ABC of Love.”

Before our heavenly Father would create tangible worlds by His Word, He expressed the Word in its building blocks – picture-letters, which we might consider the DNA of the whole Universe.

Here is the ancient Paleo-Hebrew alphabet in one page for you: The ABC of the LOVE Cycle. In a nutshell, it tells the engaging love story of our Abba Father and His Son Jesus Christ – ישוע המשיח. towards us. We are His three different ways: By creation, by redemption, which cost His precious blood and also by our own choice.

If you would like to learn more, you can read this book about this magnificent discovery. There are few options: You can download the pdf for $7.00 or you can send us an email through our contact. If the price is not affordable for you we can send you the pdf for free in exchange for your promise to write us feedback, what did you learn, what other questions does it awaken in you. I believe it is reasonable.

Now the book is available also in printed form. You can use it in homeschooling for your little ones or in class for new believers who are interested in Jewish roots of our Christian faith. My special desire is to reach Messianic Jews who can relate to the content of the message the most.

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1 review for ABC of LOVE – The Gospel in Aleph-Beith – Printed Book

  1. Susan Moskalets

    Absolutely FANTASTIC BOOK.
    I am on pg 27!
    Oh my, I can’t tell you how wonderful it is!!!!
    I have always wanted to have some kind of introduction to Hebrew that wasn’t so difficult that it would take a class or some other big instruction and cost. I guess I have been praying for it in so many words for so long. And here it is. Thank you so much, my brother. Plus, it is so brilliant that you made it a spiral binding with very strong pages as I keep referring back to the alphabet many times as I just read through the pages. I guess you knew folks would be doing that. It is so reasonably priced for the beauty and quality.
    It is so sturdy, it could with stand children’s enthusiasm or a hundred readings to our children! And how can people order them? Maybe I can talk to Pr. Doug Batchelor and he can put in his catalog at Amazing Facts, as it is certainly FULL of AMAZING FACTS! It is absolutely excellent. I have been reading it for worship in the morning and it is so simple and yet so complicated! It is wonderful! Especially how the A to Z is a seven cycle.
    Thank you again for such beautiful simplicity that has such deep meaning into not only the plan of salvation but the love of our heavenly Father and His dear Son to us.

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