We are happily married and love to serve people.

LUDO: I’ve been involved as a Massage Therapist since 1993 after undergoing a Lifestyle Educator (Coaching) Training in Wildwood Lifestyle Center, GA. As part of my practice and philosophy, I strive to both educate and motivate my clients, empowering them to live better and healthier lives. I studied massage in Prague in 1998, Czech R. and in Black Hills Lifestyle Center, SD in 2022.

SYLVIA: As a Nutritionist my approach is a combination of both good “healthy tasty” meals and common sense backed by research in best lifestyle practices. If you need a positive, energetic and caring Holistic Coach, please don’t hesitate to reach out to find out how I can help you restore and revitalize yourself.

MISSION: We want our clients to take control of their own healing. We want you to understand how powerful your minds and bodies really are, and how each organ and symptom is part of a larger system. Healing chronic and intractable ailments takes a certain level of sensitivity, which we’ve honed in order to treat stubborn conditions with gentle methods. Get in touch to find out more.

​PS: These peaches are from our tree 😉