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Train Up A Child – English Audio – Full mp3 Download Set


Train Up A Child easily downloadable.


Stephen Wallace – Train Up A Child. Original English audio, full mp3 set. 14 mp3 files.

If you are a Christian parent you certainly pray for your children every day and long to see them on the narrow path leading to heaven. Sooner the better but never too late to learn the principles of raising children to become Christlike in their characters, proportional to their age and level.

Here is your work, parents, to develop the characters of your children in harmony with the precepts of the Word of God. This work should come first, for eternal interests are here involved. The character building of your children is of more importance than the cultivation of your farms, more essential than the building of houses to live in, or of prosecuting any manner of business or trade. Child Guidance, p. 169.3

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