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Character Building Stories for Big & Small

bedtime stories - angelic baby

Dear father, dear mom, dear youth!

We would like to offer you possibility to share with us your character building stories from daily life. Please send them to us and we will put them on web that others can learn and be encourage from your REAL CHARACTER BUILDING STORY 🙂

  • For all ages 😉   ( 4 Articles )
    dugsHere you can find stories and inspiration for all ages…
  • For the Teens   ( 1 Article )
    jesenTeens look for acceptance, for love, for understanding. Many times they search in the places promising happiness yet often great disappointments follows… What brought true and lasting meaning into your life?
  • Stories For the Smallest Ones   ( 1 Article )
    edenThis category is for the parents which love to read the stories for their little ones before they go to bed or during the morning family altar before they start the day…

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