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When you open any lesson below in the YouTube application, please go to the top right corner, where you will find three dots under each other. Click on the dots and you should see an icon “cc” – Captions on the left side. When you click on this icon, you can select subtitles from the existing list of languages.


1 “Spiritual Things… Are Spiritually Discerned”

2 “The Glory of the Lord”

3 “As He Thinks In His Heart”

4 “God Has Shown Us His Glory”

5 “Created For My Glory”

6 “All…Come Short of the Glory”

7 “For the Obtaining of the Glory”

8 “We Beheld His Glory”

9A “The Brightness of His Glory”

9B “The Brightness of His Glory”

10 “I Have Glorified You”

11 “Justified By His Blood”

12 “The Righteousness of God In Him”

13 “Sanctify…With the Washing of Water”

14A “The Lord Our Righteousness”

14B “The Lord Our Righteousness”

15 “So Send I You”

16 “Written …On Tablets of Flesh”

17 “Keep Your Heart With All Diligence”

18 “The Lord Looks At the Heart”

19 “The Law Was Our Schoolmaster”

20 “Create In Me A Clean Heart”

21 “The Flesh Lusts Against the Spirit”

22A “Let Him Be Righteous Still”

22B “Let Him Be Righteous Still”

23 “Let Him Be Holy Still”

24 “Fight the Good Fight of Faith”

25 “I Die Daily”

26 “Choose You This Day”

27 “I Can Do All Things Through Christ”

28 “When Desire Has Conceived”

29 “You Shall Know the Truth”

30 “Make No Provision For the Flesh”

31 “Turn Away My Eyes”

32 “Looking Unto Jesus”

33 “Think On These Things”

34 “Your Thoughts Will Be Established”

35 “Slow to Speak, Slow to Wrath”

36 “Let the Words of My Mouth…”

37 “Out of the Abundance of the Heart”


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