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useful web sources - book from imo

We have found the following web sites useful in our studies:

There are many good sites with the Bible, here are just few of them:

Paleo-Hebrew Torah

The Unbound Bible

And The Remedy New Testament Paraphrase you can obtain completely for free in printed form or you can download it as an app in your smart phone. And here you can read it online.

Since we quote often from the pen of Ellen G. White, here are few sites. You can find her writings in other available languages as well:

Ellen G. White Writtings

Audio EGW in Czech language:

Encyclopedia Biblica – It is frequently referenced by other respected Bible-related Encyclopedia, such as the Catholic Encyclopedia, and 9th Edition of the Encyclopædia Britannica. The Jewish Encyclopedia, for example, even has some articles (‘marriage’ for example) which quote large sections from it nearly verbatim. It is also referenced by works such as the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia. It is hence, indirectly, also a source for a large number of Wikipedia articles about Judaeo-Christian religion, as well as the direct source for others.

Since there are many around us suffering so called lifestyle diseases (such as stroke, heart attack, hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, depression, stress…) we want to recommend to you few excellent Lifestyle Centers:

Wildwood Lifestyle Center, Georgia

EdenPointe Lifestyle, Georgia

Weimar Lifestyle Center, California

Romania Lifestyle Center, Herghelia

Ukraine Lifestyle Center, Nash Dom“Наш Дом”

Hungarian – Magyar életmód programok

Certainly, part of reform includes our dress. Here is a web site with rich resources on this subject: MOVING TOWARD MODESTY

Country Living is another important element you might consider in your character building.

We partner with Lucian Mihailescu’s ministries: Romania:  English: Canada:

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