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Spirit of Prophecy

Our Mother White was privileged to see JESUS, many important events from the history and especially from His life. She understood something from Christ’s suffering by her own experience and in one places she is telling us:

“We will not have a murmuring thought because we have trials. God’s dear children always had them, and every trial well endured here, will only make us rich in glory. I crave the suffering part. I would not go to heaven without suffering if I could, and see Jesus who suffered so much for us to purchase for us so rich an inheritance; and to see the martyrs who laid down their lives for the truth, and the sake of Jesus. No, no. Let me be perfected through sufferings. I long to be a partaker with Christ of His sufferings, for if I am, I know I shall be a partaker with Him of His glory. Jesus is our pattern. [Tav AlephCrucified Servant] Let us study to have our lives as near like Christ’s as possible.”  {RC 350.4}

Listen to her descriptions and drink deep from these insights as you imagine yourself under the real cross of JESUS…


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