Uncle Moses wrote His Torah with picture-letters. Come to explore their meanings and special insights they offer as we learn to read the Old Testament writing through this perspective.

  • Essentials   ( 3 Articles )
    gen 1.1 logo cross-ox-nail What can we find if we start to read our “Picture-Letters-Bible”?…just to give you a little foretaste of it: our English word “and” in the Genesis 1:1 is expressed in three picture-letters: NAIL-OX-CROSS. In other words, what connects and holds the Earth to the Heavens is JESUS NAILED TO THE CROSS between the Heavens and the Earth.

    Do you start to see the beauty and depth of this “Picture-Letters-Bible”? In this illustration blue represents the Heavens and the green the Earth. “And” is Jesus in between, ready for both–either for service or for sacrifice…

  • 7 Words of Genesis 1:1   ( 6 Articles )
    Come to discover amazing stories behind the first Seven Words of the Bible in Genesis 1:1, but especially to “fall in love” in the Unceasing Servant ready to be Sacrificed who said: I, if I be lifted up and show you the depth of My love as revealed on the cross, I will draw you unto Me. {paraphrasing: Jn 12:32; Song 8:6-7}