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Hi dear children, moms and pops!

Here is the lesson one: the meaning of all the pictures-letters as I was able to collect them. Once you will feel familiar with them, you can start to read them in your “Picture Bible” (Please use Firefox browser in order to see the picture-letters and not today’s Hebrew fonts.) 😉

Aleph#1 – Aleph – OX, BULL – strong, strength, power, leader, first. Today we have Eleph-ant which has the same word-root and when you look at your letter “A” and turn it upside down – as it originally should be – to your surprise you might see still the head of an ox with two horns. Do you see it?

Beth #2 – Beth – TENT FLOOR PLAN, HOUSE – household, family, “in”, “into”. Today in Russian Cyrillic alphabet you might still see it in the letter “Б” (B). Do you see it? It’s the same letter-picture just turned around by 90° clockwise

Gimel#3 – Gimel – CAMEL – pride, to lift up, foot, gather, walk, carrying the burden, uplift

Dalet#4 – Dalet – TENT DOOR – pathway, to enter, entrance, move, hang. Might be worthy to know that the ‘door’ in the ancient times was kind of a canvas hanging down from some stick over the entrance to the tent. So when you look at our today’s “D” and turn it clockwise by 90° you can suddenly see the ancient door!

Hey#5 – Hey – WINDOW – fence, to reveal, behold, lo, breath, “the”, it’s a picture of a kneeling man with lifted hands, just like sunflower constantly turns it’s face towards sun, so do we in our prayers lift up our empty hands and expect GOD to reveal something to us*. Today you can find this picture in our letter “E“.

Vav#6 – Waw – TENT PEG, NAIL – “and”, add, secure, hook

Zayin#7 – Zayin – WEAPON, MATTOCK – cut, to cut off, plow, food, nourish

Chet#8 – Chet – TENT WALL, FENCE, HEDGE, CHAMBER – private, to separate, separation, outside, divide, half

Tet#9 – Tet – BASKET – to twist, surround, basket, mud, contain, snake

Yod#10 – Yod – CLOSED HAND, ARM & HAND – deed, work, to make, throw, worship

Kaf#20 – Kaph – OPEN PALM, WING – to cover, allow, strength, palm, open, tame

Lamed#30 – Lamed – CATTLE GOAD, STAFF – prod, go toward, bind, tongue, teach, yoke, “to”

Mem#40 – Mem – WATER – massive, mighty, overpower, chaos, blood, “out of”

Nun#50 – Nun – FISH, SEED – activity, life, continue, continuity, heir, son

Samech#60 – Samech – A PROP – support, protect, turn, grab, hate

Ayin#70 – Ayin – EYE – see, watch, know, experience, shade

Pey#80 – Pe/Fe – MOUTH – speak, open, word, blow, scatter, edge

Tzadi#90 – Tzadi – FISH-HOOK – harvest, trail, hunt, need, desire (our desires can be used as a fish-hook against us by the tempter, but we can have purified desires for holiness and being with Jesus)

Kof#100 – Kof – BACK OF THE HEAD – behind, the last, least, condense, circle, time

Resh#200 – Resh – HEAD – person, highest, choicest, first, top, beginning

Shin#300 – Shin – TEETH – eat, consume, destroy, sharp, press, two

Tav#400 – Tav – SIGN, CROSS – covenant, to seal, memorial, monument, mark, signal


* – my little extra insight for the picture-letter HeyHeyfor you:

…The minds of the little ones may be taught to turn to Jesus as the flower turns its opening petals to the sun. {CG 486.4}

…As a flower turns to the sun, that the bright rays may touch it with tints of beauty, so will the soul turn to the Sun of Righteousness, that heaven’s light may beautify the character with the graces of the character of Christ. {DA 468.2}

…As a flower turns to the sun, that the bright rays may aid in perfecting its beauty and symmetry, so should the youth turn to the Son of Righteousness, that Heaven’s light may shine upon them, perfecting their characters and giving them a deep and abiding experience in the things of God. Then they may reflect the divine rays of light upon others. … {GW92 136.2}

Be careful to follow the example of Jesus. As the sun-flower is constantly turning its open blossom to the sun, so let your heart, your thoughts, ever turn to Jesus, the Sun of Righteousness. Do not make self a center, and your pleasures and your wishes first. Seek the good of others; study to be a blessing to them, and to glorify your Creator. {SD 151.4}

Let the soul be drawn out and upward, that God may grant us a breath of the heavenly atmosphere. We may keep so near to God that in every unexpected trial our thoughts will turn to Him as naturally as the flower turns to the sun. {SC 99.4}

If you wish you can come back to the main article about Genesis 1:1 rediscovered through pictures.

Nov 13, 2014:

Today we watched with my wife Pastor Jim Staley’s presentation about Zayin the seventh picture-letter of AlephBeth. It was so powerful that we decided to share it with you:

And if you will be blessed, please go to his YouTube and watch the explanation of all the picture-letters. All are Christ-centered and very deeply connected to us as well. In about 17th minute of this lecture he presents powerful insight! He says:


1) Bring the life through death and nourishment through the “Sword”.

2) It breaks up ground for the purpose of bringing forth seeds. [Mt 13:23]

3) And cuts deep into the soul to cut out what is not of him so that new life may sprout. [Heb 4:12]

The Sword of the Spirit’s job is to go deep inside of you and hurt you. You say: are you saying that GOD is here to hurt me?! The part of you that’s not of Him needs to be killed! I am sorry. Get over it! What has been growing inside of you that is not of Him is not you. Is not real you, is not where He destined you. It needs to be destroyed, it needs to be killed. It needs to hurt. Until you bent the knee. Because most of us want what we want. Let’s just be honest. …”

Let’s think about these words from Pastor Jim:

In Jn 19:17 we read: And He bearing His cross went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha.

Picture it with me: the cross has a shape very much like the sword. When Jesus’ body was thrust with excruciating pain into the Golgotha it was literally as if the sword pierced the skull of Satan and our own selfish skulls as well! Rom 7:9 For I {selfish I} was alive without the law once: but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I {selfish I} died.

That old selfish I has to be crucified everyday, whenever we realize the urge or promptings from within us – we need to say categorically NO and reject such thoughts as to disown them! I hate with Christ that old man in me and agree with Him, it needs to be and remain on the cross until we receive new bodies free from such evil, perverse inclinations. Praise the LORD for such hope.

Gal 2:20 I {selfish I} am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I {new I} live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave Himself for me.

There is one more thing attached to this – and that is the teaching that we are born innocent until we conscientiously commit some sin, when we choose to sin even we know it is bad. These people go so far as to say that we don’t share the guilt of Adam and that Christ was born with the same sinful nature we are born with. But this sinful nature doesn’t have any guilt attach to it. They say if Christ wouldn’t have the same nature we are born with then He couldn’t understand our struggle with temptation and couldn’t even be our Example we could follow.

It sounds like sweet music to hear Pastor Jim explaining that there is a part inside of us, which needs to be cut off! That this is not our real “I”. That’s something we ourselves want to be freed from and delivered from. Once we understand this concept we can return back to original view: Christ was born sinless and we are born with that seed or root of selfishness which we ourselves desire to crucify and replace but Christ’s Spirit of self-denying love. If you are interested about this subject, we have a seminar called Our Sinless Yet Sympathetic Saviour. Please study it with prayerful heart.

Shalom to your home!

If you are interested you may compare and even download the different fonts used in the ancient times at this web:

Here is the source of my fonts: Install the Ancient Hebrew font to view the ancient script.


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