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Guess what? You don’t want to miss this one. Two young people decided to create The Bible Project and in a few minutes give you an animated overview for each book in the Bible. It’s a delight to see this effort. It’s insightful and very practical when you work with teenagers or people who are just learning about Bible and it’s overarching messages.

Here you have the Old Testament Books:

In the top left corner of this video is the playlist of all books from the Old Testament. And here are the New Testament Books:

And how does it relate to our Paleo-Hebrew?

toilets Well, when you go to any airport or public place, there are thousands of people speaking all possible languages. How does one know, to which door to enter if he has an urgent need? Someone would have to put the “toilet” word in so many languages next to the door. Voila! You put one picture and immediately everyone knows where to go. One picture can replace thousands of words.


So does God original design of alphabet – each letter was a picture with profound meaning, expressing some z red alephimportant principle you can see in everyday life. Take “aleph” – the “ox” – for example. It’s a strong animal, it can refer to the strength of the Almighty, our Creator, but also it refers to the one who is serving as an ordinary ox.

So this Animated Bible is so dear to me, because the pictures help us so much to visualize and better understand the main points of each Book. Enjoy 😉



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