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Make sure you eat breakfast!

Here is quick idea when thinking about what to eat for breakfast. How about avocado toast? We should get our daily fat from our morning eating and include protein and carbs to have enough energy to make it to the next meal.

Avocados have a nice tasty and creaming texture that makes your taste buds burst with excitment. Add a little salt or lemon juice to give an extra burst in your mouth. If you are gluten-free pick up pack of corn tortillas and spread it on thick and roll it up or eat it taco style. Get your favorite gluten-free bread and toast it up and put your favorite toppings.

Depending on the size of your avocado will determine how much you want to spread. Small avocados tend to have smaller seeds and more meat as some of the larger ones tend to have more seed then meat. People in the USA tend to like the Haas avocados and in Latin American countries they still enjoy their home grown avocados. If your going to eat your avocados right away make sure its firm but not mushy.


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