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We just finished with my precious wife watching this marvelous 10 lessons video seminar called “Distraction Dilemma” done by Christian Berdahl. In one word: Amazing! I just called him if we can link to it and he texted me YES. Why do we share it with you here?

In our main seminar “From Glory to Glory” we learned that the character is composed of “the thoughts and feelings.” Even Christian Berdahl is talking mainly about music, the connection is powerful – music like nothing else is influencing our emotions, our feelings, thus our entire character and we are surrounded by it almost every day of our lives. If you watched the “From Glory to Glory” lessons you will find many connections between these two seminars. One focuses on the principle “by beholding we are changed” and the other one: “by listening we are changed.” Don’t miss the 90 days challenge in the last lesson. And if you wish to order the DVDs, here is the link: Distraction Dilemma.


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