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Hmm, you might wonder: did Moses really write His first Torah in this picture-letters form? If yes, I would like to see it, how does it look! If yes, please click on “Paleo-Hebrew TORAH” and you can see it with your own eyes. 😉 To be sure to have the Paleo-Hebrew fonts, please use FIREFOX or EXPLORER browser. Chrome or Safari doesn’t show it properly.


Here is another place where you can see the whole Old Testament in Paleo-Hebrew parallel including other translations: Parallel Hebrew Old Testament Index

hurts bible

And if you wish to have it in your own computer, you might want to download it here (right-click on the title and click on “Save link as…”): TORAH.

Just please be aware that different fonts of the Paleo-Hebrew are used.

Today (March 6, 2016) I have found a new web with the TORAH in Paleo-Hebrew in one page and you can search the text!!! It is absolutely amazing for those who love Paleo-Hebrew 😉


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