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You can go closer and closer to JESUS or further away until you find yourselves completely in the grip of the enemy of our souls – Satan! Yet, if you cry out: JESUS CHRIST, WHO WAS CRUCIFIED FOR ME, SAVE ME! – He will deliver you unexpected way, but He will do it. You are very precious for Him. Believe me!

Watch and listen to this eye opening story or Roger Morneau, who is inspirational example for us, how can loving Saviour save us no matter what:

New update Feb 17, 2016:

Inspired by Roger Morneau, Susan shares highly motivational presentation how God does miracles in her life and lives of those she prays for. Listen to it. If you wish add your prayer request here at the bottom in “Submit a Comment” and we will keep praying for you. Once your prayer is answered, please come back and write us about that too.

May God be with you


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