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Faster Than the Speed Of Light- How Medical Missionary Work Can Encircle the Globe Quickly
by Dr. Neil Nedley

Today I was working in our BellaVita garden. Last week we were pruning our fruit trees and even planting nine new ones. 5 of them by the help of our BellaVita guests Susie and Marie from this January session. While I was collecting all branches, we did cut off the trees, I was listening in Audioverse to Dr. Nedley’s presentation, which was so powerful and connected to our character building seminar that I decided to share it with you too. What impressed me the most was the reference to the concept that today’s diseases and especially addictions can be traced back to one important component: LACK OF SELF-CONTROL! Long time ago I noticed the importance of self-control:

The first moral lesson given to Adam was that of self-denial. The reins of self-government were placed in his hands. {RH Feb 24, 1874, par. 10} Everything started with self-control and any restoration of God’s image in us has to come back to it.

The largest share of the annoyances of life, its daily corroding cares, its heartaches, its irritation, is the result of a temper uncontrolled…. The government of self is the best government in the world. By putting on the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, ninety-nine out of a hundred of the troubles, which so terribly embitter life might be saved…. The natural man must die, and the new man, Christ Jesus, take possession of the soul, so that the follower of Jesus may say in verity and truth: “I live; yet not I, but Christ lives in me” (Gal 2:20). {AG 39.3}

So I was delighted to hear this profound presentation. Be blessed by it:


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All right Will go ahead and get started. Good to be with you this afternoon. Today I think we’re going to be talking about something that I believe is crucial to come to the final events that we are fast leading up to. And so the title of this presentation faster than the speed of light how medical missionary work and circle the globe quickly. One of the questions that we should ask at a Christian convention that believes in the Bible as why has Christ not come yet. And when I hear a lot of the comments particularly recently among some Christians who have not really believed in the second coming of Christ I have a friend of mine that for years I’ve been I’ve been working on so to speak. He’s someone that doesn’t. You know he believes in the Bible does not believe in the spirit of prophecy but recently as a result of world events he has at least stated to me that he will never say anything disparaging about the spirit of prophecy when he sees what is happening in the world with the beast and with the world wondering and with what is happening. And many have thought well it’s because those events haven’t really taken place yet that’s why Christ has not come. But as you’ll find out it’s actually a little deeper than that who is our model is Christian. It is Jesus. And what did he do. Jesus what about all the cities and villages and what did he do. Taught in their synagogues preaching the Good News of the kingdom. And what else did he do. He heal all kinds of disease and every weakness and infirmity. This is a threefold ministry of Christ teaching preaching and healing and interestingly it wasn’t just his ministry he told the twelve Apostles to go and preach saying the kingdom of heaven is at hand in the first thing that he told them to do when they were to go out was Does anyone remember the pioneer work. The first thing that was to be done was the healing ministry healing the sick cleansing the leper. And he said freely have received do what freely give it is to be a giving ministry one that helps interpret the Gospel Now interestingly he did not state those to the left of Peter and John are going to be involved in healing and those to the right are going to be involved in preaching. And when he sent out the seventy he didn’t divide them up and say OK now you’re going to be the ones involved in healing. And now he’s over here going to be involved in preaching. He sent all of the seventy to go out and to heal. He meaning Christ did not wish the medical missionary work to be separated from the gospel work or the gospel work separate from the medical missionary work these are to do what they were to blend the medical missionary work is to be regarded as what type of work. The pioneer work it is to be the means of breaking down prejudice as the right arm it is to open doors for the gospel message and why Christ is not calm I think you’ll see evidence of it as we go for there. But why hasn’t it his people have not taken up the threefold menace. Three in a global way. They’ve taken up in many respects a two fold ministry but not the three fold ministry. And he’s not going to come while his people bypass the major element of what he did and what he told us to do and what he model. Now many have stated that the end is here. I think it’s pretty true today that there’s only one Protestant church left in the world. The other churches have come together and they say the protest is over and they’re clasping hands with Rome and all sorts of different way and trying to team up with that power. What was Protestantism cry. What was its stalwart doctrine the Bible and the Bible ONLY as the rule of faith and practice. Interestingly I was actually talking with a professional the other day who was believing that the what’s happening in Islam has a lot to do with the closing events in Earth history and I was disagreeing with that fact. I think the Lord has utilized Islam in some way to forward his work. Believe it or not Protestantism would have never taken hold had it not been for the diversion of Rome attacking the Islam. And it’s very clear Luther very true that Luther and the other reformers would not have ever been able to gain a foothold had the Army’s not been diverted. And so we don’t need to look at those world events. There is a diversion that’s occurring with that diversion sometimes occurs to protect God’s people. And the Bible in the Bible only when it when Protestantism got out of hand so to speak for the Roman power and they could not contain it because it was exponentially growing. They put together their own council where the counter-Reformation began but it was an interesting Council. They stated Protestantism is the Bible in the Bible only and we are tradition and the Bible and I looked at that and they bounce it around and studied it for a while and they said you know it’s Protestantism true and they stated in that council their final analysis was no it’s not the Bible and the Bible ONLY as a rule of faith and practice it is viable and tradition in event you Protestants although you claim the Bible in the Bible only you don’t believe it and the example they gave was because the Protestants were still keeping Sunday and they said that’s tradition. It’s not the Bible in the Bible only and so you claim you’re Protestants but you’re not. But now the Protestants disagree with that they said no we believe in the Bible in the Bible only and they use the Bible in ways in which they thought to justify it but now they’re saying there is no protest. And really we’re back to the Bible and tradition not the Bible in the Bible only it’s clear that the deadly wound has been healed but the reason why prices and coming tomorrow is the right arm of God’s church is still largely with or here’s what we’re told will happen before you come. We shall see the medical missionary work broadening and deepening at every point of its progress because of the inflowing of hundreds and how many thousands of what streams and tell the whole earth is covered as the what waters cover the sea. That’s what is predicted will happen with medical missionary work. Christ’s healing ministry among his people taking it to the world before he comes. Now some are saying that and say well look like it’s going to happen in my generation things are you know it’s taken a long time to even get this far in regards to his healing ministry three times in the Book of Revelation we’re told this that the wrong power will be seeing them that dwell on the earth by means of what those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the BE SO Interestingly there is going to be a healing message and even miracles on the wrong side. So if that’s the case why is this so important. Why is Christ waiting for this when the wrong side three times we’re told they’re going to be deceiving. It’s going to be their final deception final way of deceiving is going to be by means of a healing ministry. Miraculous works of healing. Here’s what we’re told about this. The way in which Christ worked was to preach the word and to relieve suffering by miraculous works of healing. But I am instructed that we cannot now work in this way for Satan will exercise his power by what working miracles God’s servants today could not work by means of miracles because various works of healing claiming to be divine will be wrought. For this reason the Lord is marked out a way in which his people are to carry. Our day work of physical healing combined with the teaching of the word sanitariums are to be established and where these institutions are to be connected workers who will carry forward what type of medical missionary work genuine medical missionary work and of course one of those things a genuine medical missionary work is when the Gospel and healing go hand in hand and they come together. So we are to do the healing ministry and sanitariums are to be established. Interestingly we mar Institute is starting a nursing program starting up next week as a matter of fact and we’re told in this section called nurses as what evangelists Christ the great medical missionaries are example he healed the sick and what else if you do preach the gospel and is service healing and teaching where what linked closely together today they are what not to be separated. The nurses who are trained in our institutions are to be fitted up to go out as medical missionary what evangelists uniting the Ministry of the word without a physical healing. If you’re there tonight you’re going to hear some of the miracles of our program got started because we were very overt to the state of California that we were going to be training our nurses if you handle it this was going to be a very different nursing program they were going to come out as health educators and as healers in the spiritual sense as well and that spiritual part of the program is a primary aspect of the new nursing program. How did that get through the state of California. You’ll have to come tonight to find out. Natural means we’re told use in accordance with God’s will bring about what supernatural results we ask for a miracle in the Lord directs the mind to some simple remedy. We asked to be kept in the pestilence that walketh in darkness that is stocking with such power through the world we are then to cooperate with God And so there are natural means that are you there is teaching there is physical healing taking place and the Gospel is going with it. This is she wrote this to a pastor who was seen as fairly successful in his day. Had you carried the work forward in the lines in which God intended you to. Had you done what medical missionary work trying to heal soul and what Alf and body you would have seen hundreds and thousands coming into the truth. And so a pastoral training program that doesn’t carry with it a strong emphasis of medical missionary work is going to perpetuate the twofold ministry and delay the coming of Christ. One of the reasons why we have a theology program at whim are because our theology program has medical missionary work is a central component of that and many of our pastors are carrying that forward. Then the last work she gave last words she gave to the General Conference in person I wish to tell you that soon there will be no work done and what ministerial lines but what medical missionary work. She looked down to the time when the preaching of truth would be outlawed and banned. But yet. Soul winning would not be seething as a result there would be eleventh hour souls one to the gospel through how medical missionary work. One of the things that we’ve done with our little boy Justin you know is the last one at home and if you see him in our booth you’ll find out he’s not as little as the used to be. He’s almost as tall as Erica shooting up there but for worshippers we would read him out of the biography of Illinois. Actually it’s an exciting thing to do with kids. They love that biography I mean it is better than Hollywood drama. And at the end of a page or two he would beg please more more no. He wanted to continue reading and we have to keep it short and go forward with there’s a lot of church history in that and a lot of excitement in those books and they’re actually a political today in so many ways but you know the last years of her life she spent primarily on Elm St in California not too far away from Lima and in reading those biographies plus the last part of the Australian years so much of the last twenty years of her life were spent in trying to get the brother in the body and the medical missionary work. She was urgent about it. She was telling us the Lord told me this is where Loma Linda is to start we need to get the funds for it where the brother in for it they were not for it. They resisted every step of the way it seems and under tremendous encouragement from Ellen why few of them who were thought to be the a parent why. Actually went out a limb and started Loma Linda and it had some significant problems in fact a lot of people are not aware that when it was having such deep financial trouble it was Sutherland self-supporting Madison that sent sixty thousand dollars at that time a huge amount to Loma Linda to keep it going. And medical missionary work was something that she was trying to get their brother in to buy into. At the time of her death they largely it’s still not bought in or if some did it didn’t last long in the way of genuine medical missionary work trying to heal body and soul. They then would branch out to just healing the body and it would become unethical to talk about anything with the soul it seems early fan positions and nurses do it if you need that and will have to call a chaplain. What religion are you will get the chaplain of your your religion of choice and will get them to talk but we’re not going to talk about anything related to Christ in the Gospel and that’s not genuine medical missionary work or if they stayed some of them actually a few of them actually stayed with genuine medical missionary work but they often became blinded in the fallacy that we should stay away from science or the scientific method. And a lot of strange things sometimes would be occurring that were not scientific and some of these healing centers that were spreading the gospel. It’s true that miracles are occurring at many of the centers but unfortunately many times they’re not being documented. But Ellen White Her message for the last twenty years was to trust the Lord and go forward with medical missionary work his healing ministry that cannot be bypassed and expect Christ to come with only a two fold ministry. Their health work. Here’s what she says about it. It should stand forth with what scientific ability with moral and spiritual power and as a faithful sentinel of reform in all its bearings and all who act a part in it should be what reformer. And so she was not afraid of science. In fact she said it should stand forth with scientific ability with moral and spiritual power by the way where did we get that scientific method from. Do you know what the first prospective epidemiological trial was done in human history. It’s from the Bible the Book of Daniel Daniel proposed the study and there was a comparison group. And the results were significant. And interestingly the American Medical Association as many as admitted as such. That’s where the first prospective epidemiological trial was ever performed in human history. Science has its roots in the Bible. In fact had it not been for the Bible and religion we wouldn’t have science today. And a lot of these people think it’s well you know my source of authority is science and they fail to recognize how science even got started. And. But it’s not something we should be afraid of. Research in science is actually a big key for exponential and financially sustainable success in medical missionary work. Just going to go in that we could go into several areas today. I thought about going into the area of cancer but a few years ago I gave a talk on cancer I think it’s still out there on the Internet called caught it called a limit. Getting the c word. But since there’s been some research done on this recently I thought I’d talk a little bit about this but it could be a model for other aspects of medical missionary work. A few weeks ago few months ago November twenty fourth teen the journal Nature nature is in the five most prestigious journals in the world or at least its claim to that. And Nature doesn’t just do medical studies they do a lot of different studies and there are a one of those top tier review journals. They dedicate an entire issue to the problem of depression. And they said upwards of four hundred million people currently suffer from depression worldwide six percent of the population they state there isn’t a country in the world that is not touched by this disease and they go into all of the incidences and problems almost one million suicide each year one million. Could you imagine if we had that many people dying from airplanes. What an outcry there would be. But yet a million people in this world taking their own life. Not much is said about it. There are suicides that I’m sure occurred in Spokane today. But you won’t hear about them on the evening news or even read about them in the newspaper tomorrow. It’s death under the radar screen seventy six million years of work lost more than Next find long in vascular disease. It’s now the number one cause of disability in the world. The ninth leading cause of death. More deaths occur from depression than from lung cancer throughout this world. And here’s what nature States. You’re more likely to be cured from cancer than depression. If you have depression. They even state that we made it we’ve made some advances in cancer treatment significant advances. If you have cancer it’s not necessarily a death sentence anymore. But they state those advances have not been made in depression. Here’s a quote from the journal five decades of work on anti-depressant drugs have not made them more likely to lift people out of depression medications and psychotherapies help some people with the disease but do what fail many others. In a study conducted in real clinical settings a common anti-depressant produced a response in just under half of the participants and achieve full remission and only what twenty eight percent failures to improve efficacy reflect continued ignorance of the molecular mechanisms of the freshman and they make a cry for real research to be done on making advances in treating this disease. Interestingly within days that this issue came out in Nature magazine we published our first peer reviewed literature called the Depression hit hypothesis identifying depression and its Causes it was published in American Journal of lifestyle medicine and November twenty fourth. And it goes through the ten different categories or hits that can cause depression and that in most people they’re going to need four different categories before it comes about. Either way you can download this for free we had to pay extra. I don’t know how many several thousand dollars so that anyone could download the entire article for free on the Internet. But there it is you can see the graph it’s about four. Some people are resilient enough that they need five causes before they have depression and then some brains are more sensitive and three causes are there but for most it’s right in that three to five. Now to glory for being right there. And within weeks we started publishing other things this was just the next month eight week depression anxiety recovery program decreases usage of benzo days of pain. These are the drugs that are very difficult to get off of your Xanax low res of Pam and they are increasing significantly their usage in society and their frontal lobe suppressants their short term gains and long term problems. They can make you feel like you don’t have a worry in the world after you pop a xanax but frontal lobe suppression is occurring and your worries are doomed to increase and that if you try to get off even though you might not have any worries you’re going to think you have tenfold the amount of worries that you had before you started it. Because of the dependence and you also start getting rid of a chemical called GABA in your brain which helps you with stress control and for years the medical world has decried these drugs as being so tough to get off of. Well this eight week program of over four thousand participants as you can see there four thousand two hundred and seventy one participants. Where were these programs done primarily anyone want to guess. They were done in local Seventh Day Adventist churches some of them were done in Baptist churches some in Catholic and some in Mormon and some in community centers and some in doctors’ offices but the primary avenue was a local Seventh Day Adventist Church putting on this program and how we were able to do this study as we have these questions about benzo usage. Why did we have those questions because we were trying to find out if you had a frontal lobe hit or not but eight weeks later you take it again. And so we just looked at the analysis and we found out that those who were using bend those more than twice a month in the program over three hundred and at the end of the program this is the amount that were using it over twice a month. So not only was there depression anxiety improving but their benzo usage was dramatically improving. In fact so much so that Medscape picked this up this is a medical news organization. Novel program reduces depressive symptoms and benzo use this is actor Eddie Ramirez some of you know him he works with us but he is the one who was there at the presentation in Florida. This was the president presented at the American Academy of addiction psychiatry. And his name is also on the study because he he was the one who did the analysis and statistics of the data. But quite a in fact it produced a lot of interest because people were wondering how to get off these drugs and just by going to an advantage church and spending two hours a week once a week for eight weeks and learning how the brain works and putting that into practice can help you get off of those drugs and also help your depression significantly. So several of these next studies are part of these four thousand two hundred seventy one you can see most of them were from the U.S. but quite a few from Canada Australia some from other countries New Zealand Norway as well several different continents involved. And out of those the average person coming out everyone came for depression because remember this is a mental health education program it’s not a therapeutic program per se but we’re doing the D.S.M. five criteria these are psychiatric criteria for identifying it and they’re taking these. Test before and after to see where they’re at but the average individual comes in with moderate if we just did those would be fresh and it would be significantly higher than that even and the average individuals leaving with no depression average anxiety person coming in with mild leaving with no anxiety. And this is what surprised us. Response rate among those who qualify for depression in the program a response rate is not just an improvement it has to be an improvement of over fifty percent or more eighty five percent response rate just by going through mental health education program at a local church that supersedes anything that is ever been studied for depression. It’s better than any medicines out there. It’s better than any single therapy or combination therapy of anything that’s been utilized for depression. And then what about those that are severe. Ninety five percent experience at least some improvement. So you think the severe are beyond help. No they actually get a significant amount of help there were nine hundred eighty three of those that were severe after eight weeks. And you can see twenty three percent actually got from severe down to no depression at all in eight weeks just by attending that program. That’s again far better than you’ll find for any medication or combination of medicines or any behavioral medicine clinic. And and then twenty one percent mild forty two percent improve the category. And of course you can track those improvements simply by what do you think you can predict them by by how much. Lifestyle changes. When a during the program you know we can’t force them on these lifestyle changes but it’s we’re educating them and we’re coaching them and encouraging them. But the more lifestyle changes they make the better. Now this surprised us even more. Which is more difficult to treat anxiety or depression anxiety is known to be tougher to treat. In fact it requires double the dose of medicines they still use antidepressants to treat anxiety but they have to use huge doses to try to get a response. And in this program the response rate for anxiety. Eighty seven percent. Even a little better than depression impression with a five percent out of those with anxiety six hundred. Well you’ll find a number at the next slide I think six hundred eighty three or so had severe anxiety ninety three percent improved in the program. Here it is six hundred ninety seven with severe anxiety and you can see some went from severe to no anxiety in just eight weeks. Thirty six percent decrease down the mild twenty six percent improved one category then this was published just two months ago. And in the Journal of Gastroenterology it was presented at the D.D. W. conference in Chicago at first and then gastroenterology picked up out of those four thousand some individuals. One of the questions we asked was about Hepatitis C. we were looking for a medical hit. That’s another category of head. Turns out when you have a chronic viral infection it can adversely affect the brain. But the problem with Hepatitis C. is if you have depression and appetite it’s the you couldn’t undergo the standard treatment because the standard treatment could make you more depressed and could even make you suicidal so there’s been descriptions of people on Hepatitis C. treatment getting better from their appetite to cbot committing suicide. Kind of a hard risk to valuate. And so many gastroenterologists fearful of that risk would not put patients with depression on appetite to see treatment for a wise reason and what they found out is out of the individuals who had hepatitis C. or went through the program worldwide. What percent improved. Ninety seven percent improvement and this was of course good news because now people can get treated for their depression and then get treated for their hepatitis C. There are studies that been completed in a minute excepted for publication but they have not yet occurred a depression program improves depression with lifestyle changes and exercise therapy. This is going to be published in a maze major exercise journal. This came from a question that we asked also looking at a frontal lobe hit. There is evidence. In fact if you want to hear more evidence you probably want to get our scientific presentation that we gave it an Emotional Intelligence Summit last February called Sex and mental health. But there’s a lot of different things that we discussed in there. But one of the things that is a frontal lobe suppressant is when you’re having sexual activity out of the marriage relationship. So we ask the question or seventy five questions and that was one of them are you having sex outside of marriage. Here’s what our data show. Present study assesses the relationship between sexual activity outside marriage and depression before and after an educational facilitator based depression program. The conclusion of the study. We won’t go through all the statistics and analysis. Sexual relationships outside of marriage are related to higher depression levels and severity even before the eight week program. Again so if they come in having sexual activity outside of marriage they’re more likely to be severely depressed. And the conclusion is the program seems to benefit both groups whether you have had sex outside of marriage or not but more improvement is seen in those what not involved in extramarital situations and this is going to be published by a peer reviewed sexual journals. Then another study that has just been accepted sexual abuse increases the risk of the victim behaviors we were looking for the developmental hit in this question. Those that have suffered sexual trauma growing up to know it of course that’s a developmental hit one that can not be enough to cause depression in and of itself but again for different hit categories can cause this. And it wasn’t surprising to find this having a history of severe sexual abuse does increase the risk of various types of addictive habits we were asking questions about those two to see if they had an addiction hit. And so we saw that association there very strongly that if there’s a history of sex abuse you’re more likely to be addicted to something that is harmful. The eight week the pressure recovery program was also affected improving depression even among those with a history of sexual abuse. And it showed that they’re also likely to get off their addictions during the eight week program. Then what about diet eight week mental health program increases for late intake one of the questions people were people asked her about foods related to for weight intake and now to now notice these future studies that have been published you notice the numbers are bigger. That’s because there’s been that many more people have gone through since. And since the data that we had a year ago to present five thousand two hundred twenty one participants thirty percent male finish the program from two thousand and seven to two thousand and fifteen in multiple sites at baseline. Forty percent or two thousand over two thousand of them of all participants reported portfolio to intake and eleven percent occasional filleted intake over the conclusions we could have gone through all the data and statistics. But here’s the conclusion there seems to be a clear pattern between full weight and taken depression anxiety and E.Q. scores even before the program started in other words the lower the full weight level the higher the depression year as the higher your anxiety in the lower your emotional intelligence. Those that increase their four way had better improvement and all their markers afterwards. The eight week program is an effective tool to improve for weight intake among participants. This was an interesting one. Effect of eight week program on an individuals exposed to fish environmental toxins. What were you looking for in this question we were looking for. Mercury exposure and we know mercury can be related so we ask questions about fish intake how often because fish is the number one supplier of mercury in the dietary system. So here’s this is the beginning of the study Mercury is a dangerous environmental talks and no level can be safe for human Some research suggests that all fish have methylmercury other toxic compounds such as dioxins and Pollock learned by phenols are also found in fish and fish oils cumulation of mercury could increase the risk pretty fresh and sea food intake has been associated with depression and suicide fish consumptions been proposed as one of the causes of depression. This study assesses the impact of intensive lifestyle interventions which is the eight week depression anxiety recovery program in individuals exposed to these toxins via fish consumption data. Now you can see it’s going up even further from any of the latest five thousand six hundred twenty one participants that finished the program was used. Fish eaters tend to have higher levels of depression at baseline and their condition. I tend to be what the more severe the eight week program improves depression for both groups fish eaters as well as non fish eaters the non fish eater group improves However what how the months and now this study on heart failure and stroke we were looking for a medical hit two hundred twenty four people have had heart failure and stroke that have attended the program. A depression recovery program was safe and was associated with at least some degree of improvement in the vast majority of patients with heart disease and stroke a group that is not thought to be very calm. They’ve been thought to be treatment resistant primarily the heart failure and stroke patients. But ninety percent improved in the program. What about the residential program which is our therapeutic program. Of course our results are much better. Why is that the case. First of all it’s a therapeutic program meaning that there’s a physician evaluation and treatment. There is extensive blood and serum analysis. There is licensee Beatie therapy. And by the way just let me just state this parent that actually we see this all over the country people seeing therapists and counselors don’t go to a therapist and counselor until you’ve asked this question. What is your primary mode of therapy. If you ask them if they do C B T Do you do C B T. Almost one hundred percent of them will say yes because I’ve gone to a weekend course. But they don’t know C.V.T. and they don’t utilize it in their therapeutic sessions. So that’s why you leave the open ended question. What is your primary mode of therapy C B T is the one that has been shown in randomised controlled trials to be far superior to other forms of therapy and by the way other forms of therapy have never really been shown to be better than taking a placebo pill. So we have life and see beauty therapy going on we also have a spiritual counsellor a vital part. We’re awaiting an I.R.B. from the University of Arizona to publish these incredible results. We have published some results without the I.R.B. because we don’t want to publish the results are so dramatic I don’t want to tell you what they are but the results are so dramatic that they will not be believed. And that’s one of the reasons why we want to go through the I.R.B. analysis. That’s an institutional research. A board that has to go through the ethics and all that one of the things they’re looking at a census is retrospective data. Are they going to allow this we have a question where they can opt out of the study. And so we think it’s going to go through. But they’re looking at it and if not it turns out that the results are so dramatic we can redo the study and it only takes two programs to produce dramatic statistical significance. So it wouldn’t take long if they want us to redesign the study to get it through. But we took a look at patients with hemoglobin A one C. levels that are high. This is people with metabolic syndrome. And since we’re doing lab work on them now we can do this association and we found out that consumption of energy rich nutrients and heat will may want sea levels among depressed individuals despite the fact that they had metabolic syndrome their back depression inventory that’s what V.D.I. stands for averages up there. It’s severe depression that comes to the residential program or right at the level of severity. And they’re leaving with no depression in just ten days of course the reason why this is going to be hard to believe is because psychiatry isn’t mental health professionals around the country have been. It’s hot and I was taught this way as well back that’s why we didn’t do ten day programs or start out with nothing will improve. Major Depression that severe in seven or ten days it’s going to take weeks or months before you get a therapeutic response and that what’s happening is their depression is being eliminated in record time and is also being sustained in fact even improved after that. We also are publishing this study on Alprazolam and lorazepam weaning in the ten day residential program and the conclusion is a ten day program even though its primary focus is not to decrease pharmacological agents is a very useful way to decrease short acting benzo as well improving mental health of the same time which is not thought to have those two things that are possible. So since the residential program is far superior does it mean that we should not do the church base of the community based program. Absolutely not. Why not if they get better with just mental health education in the process get transformed by the Gospel. It saves them a lot of money and the result will be virtually the same. And so why not put him through the church based program. First the church based program is still better than any other program or any other therapy out there. It really now that this data has been released it really questions the validity of using first line agents such as pharmacological agents when you can have a cheaper agent doesn’t cost much to go through the same program that superior without the side effects. And so there is still a need for church based and community based programs in fact. Ellen White Going back to what she taught about medical missionary work. She basically told us that every church should be a. Many sanitarium you know we ought to be putting on cooking schools we ought to be putting on health education programs we ought to be putting on diabetes reversal programs and and depression and anxiety recovery programs as part of what we do in local churches. And she says it will interpret the gospel to them it will get them close to the people and it will allow them to be put in a place where they can be transformed by the Gospel really the residential program is for those who can’t seem to change without professional help. In other words some people have come to our residential program would never go to a church based program. They would go in their community based program. They’re so depressed they want to get out of their house. They can’t even go down to a local restaurant or if their family drags them out of there their whole thought is I need to get back home I need to get back on I’m not going out. That’s how severe they are when they come to our program. So it’s for people that either won’t go to the to the eight week program or people who went to the eight week program but just couldn’t seem to put any of the changes into practice or very many of them to make a difference. And then those are prime candidates because we find that find out if they go through your eight week program first and then come to our program their results are even better than if they didn’t go through your eight week program for because they already understand some of the tools we don’t have to be spending as much time with education and we can spend more time with implementation. So once the big studies are published within months it’s on C B T. C.P.T. code will be released a C.P.T. code is a code that doctors charge for certain procedures if you have heart surgery there’s one C.P.T. code. And insurance companies reimburse that set amount or Medicare reimbursement that amount. So once this I.R.B. goes. Forward in these studies are done and if they want to redo the studies it may take another couple of programs but eventually a C.P.T. code will be released hopefully sooner rather than later and that C.P.T. code will be all encompassing In other words they have to do the entire program to qualify for the C.P.T.. And by the way interesting way meditation will not be allowed because our results did not involve any meditation or hypnosis it’s very clear that that would have been hit with the results. And by the way if you want to know about that come to our next E.Q. summit and we mark where we talk about the science of meditation hypnosis Sylvia a neuroscientist. The title of this talks are meditation. The good bad and the ugly. And there’s been a lot of biased science on that meditation side of things because they’re actually not allowed to look for complications or even publish them. But if they did it would be alarming and you’ll find out about that. So this is a co that insurance companies will pay for why will they pay for something like this right now if meds and counseling do not work. The disease is very expensive and the last resort right now of drugs and counseling don’t work. The last resort that they’ll pay for is called E.C.T. shock wave treatment. Yes How much shockwave treatment costs twenty thousand dollars in fact in our last program one of our dramatic improvements occurred in a woman who had been a Behavioral Medicine Center. You remember Erica was it four times or seven times. It was seven times. She’d attempted suicide four different times and she had gone through twenty E.C.T. three and her psychiatric community have given up on her and said sorry if we have nothing more. After you don’t come back to us. And then she found out about our program and yes our program helped even her. I actually was thrilled with what was happening by day six or seven of her brain chemistry. So this will produce some financial sustainability. There is no doubt that this therapeutic ten day program is far superior results to anything that’s been tried for depression or anxiety and it’s cheaper than chronic mental health care. By far it’s cheaper and much more effective than E.C.T.. And once the C.P.T. code is approved and insurances are onboard we will need a center outside of every major city in the world. Why are we going to need that. Because it’s now reimbursable. So what’s going to be our problem that we think well this is the hold up we’ve got the C.P.T. code the insurance companies are reimbursing we now need to have a center outside of every major city first in the U.S. So when the U.S. does it the world will do it too. They have insurances you know even in Africa and other places some places. There’s only a few places that don’t have things like medical insurance in the world. So what will be the limitations then appropriately trained people to start and staff these institutions. Not everyone can. You know this isn’t something where we can just take someone from a church and off the street and have them be a licensed therapist or someone to do the sort of thing. And so do you see why we need training centers like we mark. Do you see why Ellen White said these training institutions doing genuine medical missionary work would need to be initiated throughout the. World as long as time should last. And because of the church basement a story which should be our first line. She also said this. Every gospel workers should feel that the giving is of instruction in the principles of healthful living as part of his appointed work of this work. There is what great need in the world is what open for it what would be another translation for every gospel worker. That’s right. Every church member every church member should feel the giving of instruction in the principles of healthful living. This part of the pointed work then she goes on to say all gospel workers again should know how to give the what simple treatments that do so much to relieve pain and remove disease. So why medical missionary work. I’ve given you a little bit of a glimpse why but it’s actually deeper than that. No matter what neither does the medical missionary work involves some aspect of lifestyle change and at least some if not all of that change goes against human nature. You know we’ve known for a long time for instance how to eliminate coronary artery disease. I remember in one nine hundred ninety one attending a conference the first international conference on the elimination of coronary artery disease. It was an exciting conference. Researchers from all over the world. And by the way in the middle of that conference we got to know a lot of the other people that were there. Eric and I were there and I said Erica there’s not a single Seventh Day Adventist here I’m the only one that’s here at this big conference on the elimination of coronary disease. I wasn’t necessarily. Point it in that because I was thinking you know and of course I wasn’t even associated with Wiemer but I knew about the new START program and I thought These aren’t people from we march stating this. These are genuinely well respected researchers from all over the world converging on telling us how we can eliminate coronary artery disease. And I thought how different my practice is going to be as an internal medicine doctor in twenty years where Heart disease is not even in the top ten causes of death. What’s the number one cause of death in this country today. And that was ninety one so that was almost what almost twenty five years ago and it’s still the number one cause of heart disease is it because all those researchers were wrong. No we’ve actually the last twenty five years of demonstrated that there are more right than we even thought they were in one nine hundred ninety one we know how to eliminate this disease through nutrition and lifestyle. So why is it the number one cause of death. It’s actually due to a mental health issue and that mental health issue is called lack of self-control to make a change that goes against human nature requires what the power of God and that’s what was missing in that one nine hundred ninety one conference there was no presenters telling us how to take a person with low self-control and turn him into a person of myself. In fact I should state that the number one most quoted researcher in the world today does his research on self-control. Name is William ball Meister out of Stanford. He has a book called willpower discovering the Greatest Human Strength. But basically these researchers on self-control. I’m merrily state we know some things about how to get it but we’re still very lacking. Self-control is our ability to keep ourselves from acting on our behavioural emotional impulses. And according to recent review by bomb Meister self-control failure central nearly all the personal and social problems that currently flagged citizens of the modern developed world lack of self-control is the cause of heart disease. When we know how to prevent diabetes in the going up or going down in this country it’s going up dramatically. What’s the primary issue. We know how to prevent it. We even know how to reverse it. Self-control sexually transmitted diseases in some country still the number one cause of death. The issue is lack of self-control. Stroke high blood pressure alcohol those things that can cause alcoholism itself is lack of self-control murder lack of self-control rape has a going down or up in this world. It’s going up. Lack of self-control Depression when we know the principles of mentally healthy living and we’re not incorporating it lack of self-control. Harvard says eighty percent of cancers could be prevented if we would put into practice lifestyle principles unwanted pregnancy lack of self-control adultery and divorce often due to lack of self-control even unemployment can be due to lack of self control financial failure due to lack of self control our country is undergoing financial failure due to corporate lack of self-control. Relationship problems often due to lack of self control and all of these addictions that increase like technology addiction. How do you know whether someone has it or not. That’s when you find them in a very engaging environment and they’re texting someone far less engaging who might be in the same room. For us the way and study show the mental health problems associated with that are about. As bad as alcohol is it decreases creativity it decreases emotional intelligence. That’s one of the reasons why our therapeutic works so I’ll just give you a secret I don’t want you to tell. Outside of this room because you might prevent someone from being helped but when someone comes or a therapeutic program we take away their i Pads and their smartphones. And some of them get upset at us at first. They’ll say I came here from anxiety and you’ve just quadrupled my anxiety level without this. But at the end of ten days they find out their anxiety is better their depression is better they’re feeling better than they often they felt their whole life and they didn’t have to use a smart phone once to get there. What is the word for addictions in the Bible. Addictions are dramatically increasing in our society. What is the word for anyone now. There is no word addiction in the Bible. What is an addiction. Well you can get an idea from this definition what we might be talking about you’ve been taught it’s unhealthy but you do it anyway and soon you’re what you’re hooked. The word for addiction in the Bible is rebellion. It’s a step above sin or a step below it. I guess you could say it’s not just sin it talks about sin talks about rebellion. We can kind of be tempted or fall into sin. And it’s not necessarily an addiction when we do it but when we know something is unhealthy and we do it anyway we’re soon hooked by the way this is one of the issues of our own churches as well. Recently I was asked to talk. At the North American division summit first time they have put all the pastors of the entire division together in Austin Texas right before the General Conference and I was to talk about emotional intelligence but just last year there’s been a study and interview and a poll that was done of pastors in the North American division. And we find out in that poll that over two thirds of them are doing unhealthy things regularly that they know are unhealthy and they do want to anyway. And of course the rates of depression and anxiety are high in our pastor. And it’s it’s a situation that doesn’t have to be necessarily. But when we have those individuals as our spiritual leader you think it might affect the flock. One of the reasons why we need to have in fact the the head of the pastors so C.-H. and at the end of my little presentation mentioned would you like to have a program just for pastors that we are and they all raise their hand. They’d like they’d like a solution for that they would like a solution. Rebellion is the sin of what witchcraft and stubbornness as as. And Nick witty and idolatry because thou has rejected the word of the God of War and he has also rejected the wow pretty strong statement. Now by rejecting it doesn’t mean that they’re forever lost. It just means that he’s not intervening to save them from the consequences of their rebellious behavior. Sometimes they’ll do that actually they’ll actually step in. Then save us from the results of our sin. If you remember that happened Abraham Abraham sinned and he thought there was a good reason for a sin. He knew his wife was very beautiful and he knew that when the worldly King saw her he was going to be a dead man. He was right that she was beautiful to the king because when he did see her he put her in line to be seen by him. But when the King realized it was Abraham’s wife Abraham could have lost his life for lying again in the Lord intervened McCain was angry at Abraham but instead of killing him he said get out of my country I can trust you. And he left the country so there is times when the Lord actually spares us the results of our own sin. But when it comes to rebellion we’re told that he’s not going to do that he’s going to let natural consequences take their place. Here’s an interesting quote from Ellen why this is Speaking of nurses again. They can pray with and for the helpless ones who have not strength of well to control the appetites that passion is degraded. Isn’t that interesting statement. There are some that even though they’re taught they’re not going to have self-control they’re helpless they have not the strength the will to control the appetites that passion is degraded they can bring a ray of hope into the lives of the defeat in this heart and talking about these nurses their unselfish love manifested in acts of disinterested kindness will make it easier for the suffering ones to believe in what the love of Christ. This is a section called the missionary nurse and testimonies Volume nine page one seventy one and one seventy two. Paul talks about this issue when we know what. Do that’s healthy for us and we’re not doing it. And then we do unhealthy things that we know are harmful. The end that discourse by saying what a wretched man who will deliver me from this body of death. Some have been accurately stated that the Christian that wrote that Paul is talking about is just the plot of an ordinary Christian. No that’s not what an ordinary Christian’s life should be like at all a wretched life. That’s where being called to. Absolutely not the you know there’s one other place in scripture where Wretched is mentioned. It’s the last message to the church. It says Because you say I’m rich have become wealthy and have need of nothing and do not know that you are what wretched miserable poor blind and make it. And by the way why are you all so naked. You actually don’t have the right business of Christ that shouldn’t be an ordinary Christian an ordinary Christian should be closed with the righteousness of Christ and not be righteous. So what’s the secret to avoiding this wretchedness. Dr bomb Meister tells us part of the secret is bright lines. He says people need bright lines they really help with self-control. Zero tolerance is a bright line. Total Abstinence with no exceptions any time. If you believe that the rule is sacred a commandment from God the unquestionable law of a higher power then it becomes a what especially bright line. So what helps with self-control. The commandments actually help. Fact bomb Meister did an interesting study took a group of atheists and agnostics and by the way he is. He was one of those individuals. In fact he was amazed at the results of the study. He said this shows us that religion is not just to make you feel better and to control the nerves of the people it actually can have. Some practical application and helping with the psychological good life which he quite self control with the psychological good life because so much you know with all the studies done on self-control the more self-control you have the better relationships you have the better savings you have the better family you have the just goes down the line in so many ways. And they call it now the psychological good life so whenever you hear self control the consequences of the psychological good life. But they’re saying they don’t know how to get people there necessarily but he had a group of atheists read and then swear on a Bible after reading the ten commandments and they took a test that were as high likelihood of cheating and none of them cheated. But then they were asked to quote the top ten books that they enjoyed reading and then take the test. And there was widespread cheating and he had control groups and things like that so bright lines help Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength will bomb Meister and other studies of assistance worthy goals looking towards the future is a great attribute for developing self-control and by the way in the name of most of you sitting here today the nomination that you were baptized into. There’s a word in that the nomination that actually looks to the future in a positive way. What is it. And then it that’s called the BLESS of hope. So in reality Advena thought of all people according to the research should have more self control. If they are truly living by their name and Hansing the frontal lobe helps out. And of course we need allies music therapy. There is music that will decrease your self-control and there’s music that will enhance self-control. And the music that enhances self-control is not the syncopated rock’n’roll rhythm to become popular in many churches throughout the land. It’s actually. Music where the rhythm is subdued improves self-control slowing down the limbic system in overdrive that means getting rid of music like that entertainment T.V. movies will speed up the limbic system. But now I’m going to have you see the fail safe solution a comprehensive self-control the reason why we was comprehensive is because everybody has selective self-control you know we’ll have people come to you pressure anxiety recovery program they admit they don’t have self-control. Now I’ll say I have no self-control after looking at them and seeing them and getting to know them I realize they actually do have self-control in certain areas. For some it might be the control that they have to take their Xanax on time. They’re not lacking in self-control with that. Or you know there’s going to be other types of things that they’re going to have some self control on. I give the example of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Does it take meticulous self-control to build the muscles that Arnold built meticulous self-control and persistence. But in an area where it was more important for him to have self-control one is made with cleaning the house. He lacked it and he lost the love of his life due to not having what type of self-control comprehensive self-control. And so what we’re after is not just selective self-control in order to have a transformed psychological good life you have to get to comprehensive self-control. Here’s what we’re told what young men and women need is Christian heroism to rule the spirit means to keep what under discipline self under discipline and now she gives us the secret gods of bounding love and presence in the heart will do what will give the power of self-control. Old in fashion the mining character the grace of Christ in the life will direct the aims and purposes and capabilities in the channels that will give moral and spiritual power power which the youth will not have to leave in this world that which they can carry with them into the future life and retain through the eternal ages. So it’s called self-control. But where do we get comprehensive self-control from. It’s outside of ourselves. It’s God’s abounding love and presence in the heart that gives the power of self-control. He says by that show all men know that you are my disciples if you have what one to another love one to another. If we would be true lights in the world we must manifest the loving compassionate spirit of Christ to love as Christ Love means that we must practice self-control it means that we must show unselfishness at all times and in all places. So the key to self-control is self-sacrifice and it’s actually self sacrificing love. It’s a love that comes from outside of us that human nature totally live in this is why in our program our long term results are directly related to whether they had a conversion experience in the program. And I can tell you that so many individuals go through that conversion experience. It’s a little bit of a process. Don McIntosh who loves evangelism was director of the evangelism an amazing facts for years says that this ten day program is evangelism on steroids. Because you take people who would never go to evangelistic meeting. All sorts of issues they might have addiction. They might have relationship issues they might. Be homosexual. They might be cutting. They might be in and out of mental health institutions and with the improvement in brain chemistry that starts to accrue occur with their diet. That’s another reason why we get better success than the community program is because we’re controlling their diet. What they’re putting into their body we’re controlling their music they’re not listening to any music that’s not permitted by the program were controlling their form of entertainment. And then by day six of the program we have a burning where they get rid of the things in the past that they have harmed. And what an emotional event that is when they put those things into the fire and many of them. On our last program we did something different in that burning I think we’re going to do it. You know we keep learning ourselves. But we just asked at that time how many were willing to give their life completely over to the Lord. At the end of the burning as we were and the tears coming down their faces told us the story in their voices of how they were going to give their life over to the world and those last four days are joyous as they get those last. You know they still have improvement to go but now the things in the past they have completely changed and now they’re experiencing the grace of Christ in the life. So the key to self-control is self sacrifice self sacrificing love true transformative healing is dependent on it. Love can change you and it can change the world not erotic love romantic love or even brotherly love. It’s a love that human nature. Totally lax. It must come from outside of US medical literature calls it Algeria stick love. I just have a few closing slides I just noticed the time. It means that we must get around kind words and what else pleasant looks these costs the giver nothing but they leave behind a precious fragrance their influence for good cannot be estimated not only the receiver but to the giver they are a blessing for they react upon him and now notice this phrase genuine love is a precious attribute of what heavenly origin which increases in fragrance and what in proportion as it is what dispensed other and so not only can we get this love by putting all on the altar of sacrifice labour we can continue to get more and more and more of it by how this fencing it. And that’s another beauty of medical missionary work when you get the opportunity to medical missionary work you get the opportunity to dispense a lot of work to others the souls we purify to know may fit for the heavenly courts there’s two lessons to be learned. She makes it clear these two lessons will be in every one that makes it eternally self-sacrifice and self-control. And that’s why the health message is so crucially important for physical mental emotional spiritual health to be comprehensive in life long it demands the true Gospel to be complete. And now this sobering statement strongest borke advice in our world is not the iniquitous life of the abandoned sinner the degraded outcast as bad as that is. It is a life which otherwise appears virtuous honorable and noble but when it in which one sentence fostered one voice and all. Why is that the case. That’s a person that has selective self-control. But how much better they would have been with comprehensive self-control and they would have been. It’s formative like Paul or Daniel or whatever they’ll pass to their grave thought it was a pretty good person but not a great person. But they could have been great greatness is that all of our fingertips. And so I encourage each one of you choose comprehensive self-control there is no downside the medical literature is clear. Choose real self-sacrifice give yourself to God and then choose to do medical missionary work in your community. I would encourage you with the results that are there. Learn to put on these programs in your church whether it’s reversing diabetes sore or depression anxiety recovery now with all the studies out there it’s very clear the benefits and then choose to support institutions where genuine medical missionary work is being taught to students and model. I don’t know of any other better way of hastening the work than putting your money in a place that is modeling and teaching medical missionary work because this is the missing element. It’s not that you know the pope hasn’t come to the United States yet in September that we’re waiting as we have always been waiting on God’s people since at least the late one nine hundred. That could have happened a long time ago. We’re waiting on God’s people to take hold of the threefold ministry. But yet the solution to this Paul gave it to us. He said what I die daily and we mar institue that’s the reason why I’ve sacrificed to go to Mars. People need the help message to feel the need of the true gospel of fully incorporated in their life. They need the message of help in the Gospel to be truly healed the beauty of medical missionary work is that they will not just be healed now the beauty of it isn’t all those healed people that you saw those thousands of studies thousands of patients in the study and by the way that’s getting a lot of press just the thousands of individuals an anti-depressant is released after three or four hundred people taking it. This is thousands of individuals that have gone through the program. But the beauty is not that they are healed now but when they take hold of the power of the gospel with comprehensive self-control they’re healed for eternity and that’s why I went white said the light. God has given on health reform is for what our salvation why is it for our salvation. If you know of something in your life that is unhealthy and you’re still doing it. Red Flag self is there and self sacrifice needs to happen. It’s not a problem with God God has all the power to give to you through his love. It’s a power of your selfishness getting in the way of God giving you that comprehensive self-control. And so this is the beauty of the health message in fact a lot of times there’s a Rolls In fact I saw one today. I was just interested as an employer. Thirty five rules to follow to be an employee that your boss can’t do without. And I look at those thirty five roles and I thought those roles are pretty well impossible for one person to follow all thirty five of them. And you know when someone comes to our program and they see all these different things that they need to do it can look like that’s pretty impossible. But you know what. It’s very possible with God’s love in your heart. We can have that comprehensive self control. And so this is a this is a red flag for a pastor. It’s a red flag for laymen the like God is given on health reform is for what our salvation but it’s not just for our salvation it’s for the salvation of the world. The world is hungering and thirsting on how to get self-control they don’t know how to get it. They know it’s a major problem for them or they know don’t know how to get it and they will have to come to your. Old Church putting on this program and then it will click. Comprehensive self control is obtained through the power of the gospel. And I just need to give myself to God and this is how this great multitude is going to come in. So I’ll close with the last words of Paul. God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love which he meant. It was the Greek bailout that self-sacrifice and up and well self control medical missionary work must go forward. Let’s not be ridiculing the health message or those type of thing or be little ing the fact that helped so many people try to separate health from the Gospel and say it has nothing to do with our work. No it has everything to do and in fact we’re told that it’s the third angel’s message in verity That’s how important it is. And once we recognize the importance of it let’s carry it forward. The Lord will bless us and will give us a power to be reformers. All right let’s pay our heads as we close Father in heaven. We thank you for your healing ministry that can transform lives. And now Lord I would like wall every head is about in every I close. There are those here that recognize they haven’t had comprehensive self-control and that selective but not comprehensive they’ve been doing things that harm themselves and they’ve been not doing things that are healthy for them and maybe they’ve seen in a newer light today how the issue has been them. The issue has been the unwillingness to put all on the altar of sacrifice lane and open our heart to your abounding love and presence that you would love to extol any chart here today and as a result of this talk they want to make a commitment to change and be transformed themselves and putting all on the altar of sacrifice later if you’re in that position today where that is your desire. Raise your hand at this time Lord. Father in heaven you see the hands that are raised. We see the commitments that have been made and Lord we now pray for your spirit to seal that commitment that you wouldn’t still them with your abounding presence and love them not only so that they might have the psychological good life the consequences that come from having high self control but that they can also this Spence that loved others through medical missionary work and transformative lives. We thank you. Media was my audience during services and industry. If you would like to learn the work every time. W W W.


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